Prayers for the Stolen

"Beguiling, and even crazily enchanting… [Clement] writes a poet’s prose, spare and simple, creating her world through patterns of repeated and varied metaphors and images that blossom inside the reader like radiant poppies… Prayers for the Stolen gives us words for what we haven’t had words for before, like something translated from a dream in a secret language. The novel is an ebullient yet deeply stirring paean to its female characters’ resiliency and capacity for loyalty, friendship, compassion and love, but also to the power of fiction and poetry.” —Francisco Goldman, New York Times Book Review

JENNIFER CLEMENT has studied literature in New York and Paris. She was awarded the NEA Fellowship for Literature for PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN, which will be her first novel published in the United States. She currently lives in Mexico City and was President of PEN Mexico from 2009 to 2012.